Friday, June 3, 2011

Brady's iPAD!!

Well guys...we did it!! We got Brady his iPad! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the design of the kit, and to all who purchased either the Hope For Brady MEGA kit or the BIG Bundle...we raised almost enough money to fully fund Brady's iPad! We are still working on earning the funds for the speech program, so if you would like to have a GREAT kit with tons of goodies, most elements and papers are not autism specific, but rather just in the colors red, yellow royal blue and light blue, so the kit would be a great buy for EVERYONE! You can get either the MEGA kit or BIG Bundle if you CLICK HERE! 
This is Brady with my aunt, he is doing this neat little puzzle app we picked up for free. I was amazed when he started doing it, that he COULD do the puzzles! AND how quickly he can solve each puzzle! He has REALLY taken to the iPad. There are quite a few more learning apps we have put on the iPad, and Brady's speech therapist is working with us to customize some of the speech apps and pictures to make communication easier for Brady. He is making more consonant sounds, and his therapist is very encouraged by this and feels that even though at this time he has the verbal skills of a 12 month old...that with the basic sounds he is making and with the help of the iPad...she thinks he will be able to speak! 


  1. Yea!! I love the Brady collab I purchased but I am so much happier just knowing that Brady is doing so well. He can't tell you but, he must be so excited,too. Hugs.