Hope For Brady 2013 Participants

2013 is our third year. We all post April 1st each year so please mark your calendars!
Here are the colors:

For more info on how the Hope For Brady Blog train started, and why we still do it, please CLICK HERE

If you would like to participate, please contact me at 4mybabiesscraps@gmail.com 

Please consider creating one of the following for the Blog Train!
If you are a designer:
Please try to contribute a minimum of one the following, can be more if you wish: (guide borrowed from the Blog Train Blog)

-----A Mini Kit (3-4pp, 5-6 unique elements), 
-----A Full alpha (lower, caps; numbers, basic punctuation) separated & in sheets
-----A Doodle pack: 10 items, all unique
-----A Template pack: 3-4 templates in PSD format
-----A Word art pack 10 unique sayings 
-----Paper Pack 8 papers
-----Element pack 8-10 unique elements

If you are a Fan and Follower:
and you own the Mega Kit you could create:
1-2 Cluster Frames made from Mega Kit
1-2 Clusters made from Mega Kit
1-2 Quick Pages made from Mega Kit
1-2 Page Borders made from Mega Kit
1-2 pre deco papers made from Mega Kit
2-4 Brag Book Pages made from Mega Kit

If you are a follower/fan and would like to contribute to the blog train, please e mail me at 4mybabiesscraps@gmail.com

2012 Participants: 

Michelle: You Are HERE
Anita: NO BLOG 
Linda: NO BLOG 

The first year the money that Hope For Brady earned went to getting him an iPad and a program that helps him communicate through pictures.
After that all proceeds go to the "Son Rise" program which is a self help program for parents that has been instrumental in helping us help Brady begin to SPEAK!!
See proof of Brady's speech progress via these links:
This is Brady with my aunt, he is doing this neat little puzzle app we picked up for free. I was amazed when he started doing it, that he COULD do the puzzles! AND how quickly he can solve each puzzle! He has REALLY taken to the iPad. There are quite a few more learning apps we have put on the iPad, and Brady's speech therapist is working with us to customize some of the speech apps and pictures to make communication easier for Brady. 

Here is a list of all of the WONDERFUL and generous people who donated their time and talent for this Autism collab kit in is first year!

2011 Participants, and creators of the MEGA Bundle!
Pamela of http://digitreats.typepad.com/

Other contributors who do not have blogs:
Linda on my Creative team
Bobbi at Coolibah

4 My Babies Scraps: 276 Elements, 54 Papers
Just So Scrappy & Crazy 4 Monograms: 129 Elements, 34 Papers, 6 Alphas
A-manda Creation: 107 Elements, 31 Papers, 2 Alphas
Delicious Scraps: 18 Elements, 4 Papers
Brenian Designs: 22 Elements, 8 Papers, 1 Alpha
Cinnamon Scraps: 26 Elements, 5 Papers
Scrappers Emporium: 5 Elements, 2 Papers
Snappy Scrappy: 9 Elements, 1 Alpha
Julie's Creations: 8 Papers, 1 Corel Paint Shop Pro Tutorial
Precious Pixels: 4 Papers, 12 Word Art Files, 1 Tag,  1 Adobe Photo Shop Elements Tutorial
A Grieving Mommy: 57 Elements, 12 Papers
Crafty Scraps: 30 Elements, 12 Papers
Best Kept Memories: 11 Elements, 4 Papers
DigitALE: 10 Elements, 5 Papers
Designz By DeDe: 9 Elements, 9 Papers
DigiTreats: 26 Papers, 1 Alpha
Linda on my CT: 59 Elements, 39 Papers
Jabi's Scraps: 32 Elements, 16 Papers
Life with Shal: 26 Elements, 14 Papers
Zabra Scraps: 18 Elements, 5 Papers
33 brag book pages
 34 quick pages
 4 cluster frames
and an alphabet flash card set of 26. 
2011 Blog Train Collection
2012 Blog Train Collection


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