Cartoon Inspired KITS

 Story behind these kits:
I went to an autism conference in December 2011 where they teach techniques to help guide your child out of the seclusion of their own mind and into our world with us where they can become indistinguishable from other neuro typical children their age. One of the things they asked…what would be a goal you have for your child. Well now that is HARD to pick just one!!! I want him to talk, I want him potty trained, along with soooo many other basic milestones that other parents take for granted. The following "dream" is by no means at the top of my list of things I want for him…and I know it may seem silly, but one thing that came to my mind was: SOMEDAY I would like to take ALL my kids to Disney World. In my son's current condition…there is NO WAY this dream can ever come true. In our lives, even a trip to the grocery store is very difficult due to all the stimulation…could you imagine Disney?? I believe that we can, and we WILL help our son reach "my" goal for him, for us as a family. I want one day to be able to do all the normal things "normal" families get to do together.  In honor of this goal this kit is the FIRST OF MANY more COLOR ONLY "Disney Inspired" kits I will be doing. We all know that all things Disney are copyrighted, SO there will NOT be any character images in the kits. The kits will be purely COLOR THEMED ONLY to help you make pages of YOUR favorite trips to a place I HOPE HOPE HOPE to someday bring my children. 
So here are the first TWO kits in the series of "inspired" kits!

"Magically Masculine"
"Fantastically Feminine"
New in May of 2012
"Let Down Your Hair"
New in July of 2012
"To Infinity and Beyond"
New in August of 2012
"Howdy Partner"

New in September of 2012
"Underwater World"
New in October of 2012
"Monsters In My Closet"
New in August 2013

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