Brady's Miracle!

UPDATE POSTED December 12th:
On August 29th 2011 I made a call that would change my life, my families lives, and and most importantly BRADY'S life FOREVER!!
Brady is a happy, loving, playful, cuddly, handsome, 4 year old little boy who also has autism, and at this point is non verbal. When I made a call to the Autism Treatment Center Of America…I learned that he did not have to keep the last 2 labels on that list!!
Brady did not have to always be known as a non verbal, autistic boy!!
I had found a miracle!!
The solution??!!
Love and PLAY with your child!
Accept him for who he is and love him unconditionally!!
Who wouldn't LOVE this little guy? RIGHT??
In the days and weeks that followed that initial call, we began to apply the basic principals of the "Son Rise" program!!
During one of our very first sessions with Brady, and with in 1 hour and a half I had reached my son!! Brady loves to run in a circle around his room and jump on his bed. Brady's bed is on the floor…to prevent injuries from a bed frame. Any way…I "joined" him in this activity. At first he was a bit surprised…and really took note of me in "his world". He made lots of eye contact with me where before there had been essentially none. Now, in his previously exclusive game he was allowing ME to take a turn!! I would copy him and run around the room and jump on his bed…then he would go…then he would wait for me to take my turn!! It was soooo cool! After about an hour of that…I was exhausted!! So I laid flat on my back on his floor looking up at the ceiling, and what did my smart boy do?? He laid down just like me!! He looked over at me and smiled a cute little grin with a look as if to say: "Hey MOM!! Where you been all my life?? Glad you could come play with me!!" I had reached him!! I was accepted into "his world"!! We were only an hour in to this very first session, and I decided to give him a little snack! Brady LOVES green grapes, and I had a whole bowl full! I decided to press my luck and go for some speech sounds. Brady had been making some beginning word sounds lately…like "mmm", "buh", "puh" and "ssss". I wanted to see if I could build on that! So I tried with one of his highest motivators!! FOOD!! I held each grape in front of my mouth so he could see me form the word, and enunciated the word "MOM"…I kept getting "muh"…BUT….by the time we got to the last few grapes…he said the WHOLE WORD!! "MOM" I could NOT believe it!!! At that point I KNEW I had to get to the Start Up session for the "Son Rise" program…and I could not get there fast enough!!
I went to the 5 day program from December 5th through the 9th!!
It was the best thing I EVER did!!
My husband goes to the Start Up in February!!
We could not both go at the same time so someone could be here for the kiddos.
If you, or someone you know, has a child with Autism or ANY other learning disability…I HIGHLY recommend this program!! If you are interested AT ALL…you owe it to yourself and your child to at least check it out!! You WON'T be sorry! I promise!!
If you are interested I can even get you a discount on the program cost for referring you!
If you can not afford it, they have scholarships available, they make sure everyone who wants to help their child, CAN!!
It gave us new HOPE for Brady…that he COULD do the things we feared he might never do!

I will be updating this page from time to time…but if you want more info on Brady's Journey, please visit his care page:

If you want to view the AMAZING information about the "Son Rise" program, please follow this link: Son Rise Program!!