Friday, September 27, 2013

Don't forget about me. :-)

I hope you all have not forgotten about me? I have NOT forgotten about all of you…I have just been SUPER busy with a project here at my house. My hubby and I are putting on a deck and adding a paver patio below the deck. We got a SUPER deal on some pavers. We got close out pavers for $100 a pallet! So we got like $7000 worth of pavers for only $2000…BUT that means we have to install like 7000 bricks all by ourselves!! Then hubby says…we can't put in the patio without doing the footings for the deck…then one thing leads to another and we are doing a deck AND patio!! Now we will be paying for it until our kids go to college!! LOL!!! Keep in mind Piper is only 8…so we will be paying for this "little project" for a while. Come to think of it…maybe the pavers were not that great of a deal if we will be paying interest on them and the deck we HAD to add now (according to hubby) for so long!! LOL!! OMG…I am soooo sore!!! Any hoo…we are almost done and then I can get back to designing…I hope you have not forgotten about me…LOL!!
Here are some pics, I keep telling myself it WILL be worth it when we are all done!!
I am off to get the kiddos some dinner, but I will try to upload some freebies for you tonight after the go to bed. I miss ya all!! 


Stacey said...

it sure is gorgeous! I shudder at the hard work though. funny how home projects always seem to lead to more than you expected!

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