Thursday, August 1, 2013

BIG SALE NEWS, a NEW Release, and a FREEBIE!!! WOW!!

If you know me and you have been following me for a long time, you know that Amanda of A-manda Creation and I are good friends. You also probably know that we are both in each others stores.
If you have ever ordered a kit from either of us and then downloaded it you know that that can take some time to do since we both give you sooo many goodies in our kits and bundles. Now just imagine how long it takes to upload everything and get it all listed in not only one but two stores…LOL, it is very time consuming! So we decided to simplify!! As of September 1st all of her products will no longer be available at my store and my products will no longer be available in her store.
BUT never fear you can still get ALL of our goodies…but in our own respective stores.
Because of this I am going to have a HUGE store closing sale…and since I don't want my fans to pay more in my store then in hers…I am running this sale in BOTH stores. Aren't YOU lucky?!? I have never gone this low in my prices EVER! So it is a pretty big deal…at least the first week anyway! Almost all 4mbs products are 65% OFF the 1st week!!
Pass it on to all your scrapping friends!
The sooner you shop the more you save!!
NOW…on to your FREEBIE!

Here is a FREEBIE I made for you using my NEW kit, "Ohana"
Here is how the sale will work through the end of August:

Introducing: "Ohana"!
I just LOVE how this kit turned out!
Sorry folks…since this kit is BRAND NEW today…it will not be included in the 65% off…BUT you CAN pre order either the BIG Bundle or the MEGA bundle at a discount before they come out! CLICK HERE to get either bundle at a DISCOUNT!!

Again, here is your FREEBIE!!
for personal use only please.


Stacey said...

omg! I absolutely love this kit! being from Hawaii it's perfect. Also my sisters fav movie. I went to school with Tia - she's was in my graduating class of 84 at Sacred Hearts Academy - knew her since kindergarten. Can't wait for the bundle! thanks for the awesome border!!

4 My Babies Scraps said...

I am so glad you like that is pretty cool about Tia! I did this kit cuz I have an Aunt who is over there now with her hubby in the service. They will be there until May of 2014 and so Hubby said since lodging will be free to stay with my aunt...Piper and I can GO next summer!!! Obviously Brady could never handle the flight so the boys are staying home...but I am so excited! I have never been anywhere like that in my whole life so I am very excited but it is still a year away...have to pinch all my pennies from now until then to be able to afford the flights for Piper and I. I can not believe how expensive it is to fly there!

Faiths Mom said...

Thanks so much for this awesome Ohana gift, this is cute and the whole kit looks awesome!!

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