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Here is your freebie for always the link is at the bottom, BUT, PLEASE, take the time to read this very special, very personal update from will help you understand why I have been away from scrapping for so long.
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To all my fans who had followed me for such a long time, I sincerely appreciate your loyalty. If you have been with me for a long time I know you are aware of my reasons for being absent. I took time off to focus on finding ways to heal Brady. If you are just joining me for todays freebie, I hope you will stay long enough to read this VERY PERSONAL note from me. 

I am a proud person, and I am very uncomfortable with asking for help. In the past I had created the "Hope For Brady" kit to help our autistic son Brady get an iPad, and the app "Proloquo2go" to help him communicate since he is essentially non verbal. With the help of many of my scrapping friends, WE DID THAT!! He got his iPad and the app which has significantly reduced his frustration when he is trying to tell us something. There have been many times when we just can't figure out what he wants and we either pull out the iPad or one of our phones (the app is compatible with our phones too, so no matter where we are we always have a way to communicate with Brady) and he can scroll through the app (like a wiz, I might add, he knows where everything is!) to find exactly what he is trying to tell us! 

I know this post will be long, and many of you may just skip to the bottom to get the freebie...but if you do read this post and it touches you in some way, PLEASE, PLEASE share it with everyone you know. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and anywhere else you can think of to help us...every little bit will help! The more people who see it the more help we may get. 

Many of you know that I stopped scrapping because I started a school program to help learn ways that I could help Brady naturally. I wanted to learn everything I could since we had experienced such positive changes in Brady's behavior as a result of our use of essential oils. The changes were so amazing and I thought if something that simple could help...what else was out there??

I took a break over the summer from my studies so that Hubby and I could test a theory. You see, Brady has always been drawn to water. Most autistic kids are all drawn to water. We have one of those Intex above ground pools. Whenever Brady is in the pool his engagement with the rest of the family goes up 10 fold. He has better eye contact, and his verbal attempts go up significantly. Like if he wants you to toss him in the water, you can say "One" and he will finish with his approximations of "Two, Three"! I have often wondered if there was more to his draw to the water.

So I went on a hunt for answers, looking for other autistic families with similar experiences. If you do a Google search for "autism and the ocean" you will find tons of interesting stories. I know that the ocean can have amazing effects on the mind, body and souls of many"normal" people, let alone people with disabilities. I thought wow! This makes sense! But it was not until we decided to leave our comfort zone and plan what we thought was a risky trip with an autistic child that we found out just how significantly Brady would be effected by the ocean.

We decided to take the plunge and planned our first family vacation to Hawaii the summer of 2015. Hubby and I arranged to each get 3 weeks off from our jobs to give enough time to see if the ocean could have a REAL healing effect on Brady. We were terrified of how Brady would handle such a long flight. If you are reading this I am sure you are thinking "Why would you choose Hawaii, when there other places like California and Florida that are closer?!" Well, the reason we chose Hawaii over any other location has many reasons, but here are our top three.
1. Hawaii is isolated from most of the world and for the most part the waters around Hawaii are clean, clear, and free from most pollution, unlike many of the ocean waters around the mainland.
2. The people of Maui county went up against Monsanto (and WON!) last year to keep GMO crops off the island, which limits the water supplies contamination from neurotoxic pesticides.
3. The people and the culture. The people of Hawaii hold their values of family and love of the land and ocean above all else. They believe if you take care of the land and the ocean it will take care of you.

We figured we were going on this trip in an attempt to free Brady's mind from his toxic burden we needed to choose a pure, clean place. We had to be sure the location we chose would not compete with, or cancel out any benefits of that goal. 

The reaction we saw in Brady as a result of his 3 weeks on Maui was extraordinary!
He said sooo many words, CLEAR as day, that he never said before. "Beach", "Ocean", "Couch", "Moon", "Turtle"...and many many more. Hubby and I were shocked when he pointed at the rising moon and said "moon"! Completely un prompted! In our short time on Maui we found we were constantly nudging each other and saying "DID YOU HEAR WHAT BRADY JUST SAID??!" He is also showed preferences for things. Like one morning we asked if he wanted waffles, normally he would respond with one word. Either "Yes" or "No" But this time he said "No, pancakes". WOW, both our jaws dropped to the floor!! 
Here is a video of Brady saying "Beach"! For most people this might not be a big deal but for us it is HUGE!

He was also more engaged with all of us and spent less time in his own world. HUGE improvements in the three weeks we were there!! Hubby and I couldn't help but wonder what more time there would do for him? 
Here is a picture of Hubby and the boys...Brady rarely looks and the camera, and this picture is priceless because he is actually HUGGING his brother! I love it!

My theory for why Brady seemed so alert and clear minded may be due to him being in the ocean everyday. The ocean is full of minerals that are absorbed through our skin. One of the major minerals in the ocean is magnesium. Magnesium has been shown to reduce the toxins in the bodies of autistic kids, and anyone else for that matter. That is why they recommend Epsom salt baths for autistic kids. For more info on the effects of magnesium, Google "magnesium detox autism" Many times autistic kids do not get the magnesium they need because many of them are plagued by a "leaky gut". That is a topic for another post but for now lets just establish that many autistic kids can not absorb the magnesium they need from their diets, so most of them are deficient in many vitamins and minerals. BUT when Brady was in the ocean for an hour or two per day the magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals, were absorbed through his largest organ...his SKIN! I think the effects of the ocean, essentially the magnesium and other minerals helped to clear his mind while we were there. Unfortunately since we have been home he has seemed to be retreating a little. He is wanting to spend more time alone in his room again, and that bums me out. We try to keep him present in our world, but somedays it is a constant struggle. It feels like he was emerging from a really long dark tunnel only to get sucked back in.

With all that said, because of all of this Hubby and I have been seriously considering a permanent move to Maui. In the past we always just considered this a "pipe dream" one we would entertain if we ever "won the lottery" yeah...right. That is 1 in a billion chance. But with everything that happened for Brady while we were there we are more seriously considering trying to find a way to make it work, no matter what we have to sacrifice. We can't help but think that if Brady can be closer to normal someday, not only does he have a better chance at a good life, but so do the rest of us. If Brady is closer to normal, then Piper and Hayden won't miss out on so much because of things we can't do because of their brothers disability. Hubby and I had.....I don't want to say given up hope, but at the very least we had been nearing acceptance that Brady might never speak and would be dependent on us for the rest of his life. We love him and would gladly take care of him as long as we both live...but accepting this meant giving up on all the hopes and dreams we have for him. Things like him falling in love, getting married and living a life of his own...maybe even having kids of his own someday. A very basic hope for your child that most people take for granted. BUT, because of the magic of Maui we feel like there is again a glimmer of hope for the possibility of a fulfilling independent life for him again.

So, between the dietary interventions we employ, a few dietary supplements, the stem cell treatments, and our planned move to Maui...eventually...we are hoping to completely recover Brady from Autism! YOU can be a part of that!! If digital scrapbooking is something you have an interest in, I can help you get started! This is a great kit with bright colors, it will help you scrapbook some of your favorite  memories...AND you’ll get to help Brady! 100% of ALL profits from any sales of ANY of the kits for sale on this site will go towards Brady’s NEXT Stem Cell Treatment. 

I know that many of you may be thinking "right, I doubt anything can produce that kind of change in someone" Trust me I kept asking Hubby the same thing..."Am I just hearing and thinking this because I want so desperately for Brady to have a normal life"? Honestly I kept thinking that in the beginning...but then all the new words kept coming, and he seemed to be more present in our world then ever before. We couldn't just chalk it up to wishful thinking anymore. We had to admit that Maui was indeed a magical place for our son. He was emerging from an 8 year fog, and it was truly AMAZING to see! Just thinking about it now gives me the chills and brings tears to my eyes! 

There are several levels of helping. and EVERY little bit will help! It all adds up! So please just help at a level that you are comfortable with!

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If you don't scrapbook, but would like to easy program for doing digital scrapbooking is Photoshop Elements.

Lastly, I really would prefer that you get something in return for helping...BUT, 
if none of these options interest you because you don't scrapbook and you have no desire to do so,  but you still want to help Brady in some way, you can securely donate through your paypal account to mine by clicking on the "send money" tab at the top of your paypal account. Just be sure to click on the "send money to friends and family" option or paypal will take a portion of your donation as a fee. 
You can send a donation to
What ever option you choose to help, please know that we sincerely appreciate any and all help you are willing to provide. 
With your help we will have a chance for a renewed HOPE for a functional future for our son!

For all my loyal fans...even though it has been a very long time since you saw anything new from me...I have TWO new kits at the store that were previously only exclusive to the My Memories Store!

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Thanks for reading all of that, it is not easy to share something so personal, and it is especially not easy to ask friends, and friends of friends for help, so thanks for taking your time to read our update on Brady! a GIANT THANK YOU from me, if you purchase the "Hope For Brady MEGA Bundle" OR the "Buy My Store" Deal from today on (does not apply to past purchases) will get a group discount of 25% automatically added to ALL of your future purchases FOREVER! 
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Stop by my blog for a back to school FREEBIE.PLEASE be sure to read this VERY PERSONAL update from me. I know it is...
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Brkn2Reborn said...

Much love and many prayers for you and family!

Stacey said...

thank you for the adorable freebie! it was so nice to hear Brady is doing so well. I wrote to you personally. I love your new kits!

Stephanie said...

I so wish I could send you something right now, sadly, I am without a job at the moment and scrounging to take care of my two boys. However, I have bookmarked this post and with my first pay check I will be back to help. May God bless you as you struggle to make this decision as a family. May you find comfort and strength as you lay it all out there... I know it's a heavy weight you are holding!

4 My Babies Scraps said...

I appreciate all the well wishes, and kind comments. But please, if there are people out there who are struggling...don't feel like you need to help by buying in the future. In fact please take care of your own families first and for most. I am touched that you took the time to read our story, and leave a comment or PM me. If you still feel like you just want to help...just share the story. That is more then enough. :-)

CK said...

I made a small purchase as I love the construction theme! I hope every little bit helps as I have purchased the Brady kit, I have a grandson named Brady, and I am a special education teacher. Prayers and good luck.

Dracowin said...

Thank you for the nice freebie.

I will be thinking positive thoughts for you to be able to try living in Hawaii. I have seen firsthand how much simple things can make a big difference for those with autism and I admire the effort you put into finding ways to help Brady. He and your other children are blessed to have parents so willing to try new things to find what is best for them.

Unknown said...

Thank you and Your family will receive all that you need

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