Monday, August 31, 2015

Back To School FREEBIE, and a personal message.

Here is your freebie for always the link is at the bottom, BUT, I have a 
very personal, very special update 
I would like you to read. It will help you understand why I have been away from scrapping for so long.
To read that message, please, CLICK HERE

This summer we took a family vacation to Maui in hopes that having Brady near the ocean would have a positive effect on his disability. We had no idea that this trip would effect him as profoundly as it did! Maui really was such a magical place for him!

Here is a video of Brady saying "Beach"! For most people this might not be a big deal but for us, for him it is HUGE!
If this is your first visit to my blog, Brady is our 8 year old, autistic, essentially non verbal son. For him, saying "Beach" as clearly as he does in this video is extraordinary!  If you would like to read more about the amazing things Brady did during his visit to Maui, please read this post: CLICK HERE

Here is a picture of Hubby and the boys...Brady rarely looks and the camera, and this picture is priceless because he is actually HUGGING his brother! I love it!

We would like to take Brady back to Maui for at least 6 months...maybe even permanently so he has the chance to make even further improvements. We desperately want our son to have the chance to have a normal life.
BUT, we need your help! There are some obstacles to getting him back there. 
If you want a more in depth explanation of exactly how being on Maui for 3 weeks has changed Brady's life, and how you can help, CLICK HERE!

There are several levels of helping. and EVERY little bit will help! It all adds up! So please just help at a level that you are comfortable with!

You can buy the Hope For Brady kit for only $2.49
You can get the Hope For Brady Big Bundle for $6.99
You can get the Hope For Brady MEGA Bundle for $14.99

Or, You can get EVERYTHING in my store for only $35.00!
That deal is actually over $300 worth of digital scrapbooking goodies for only $35.00!

To get that deal, CLICK HERE

You could also buy any of the many other products in my store for as little as $0.99! 
To browse the whole store CLICK HERE
**But please note that due to the paypal fees that are collected on every purchase the store cart has a $1.00 minimum.** 

If you don't scrapbook, but would like to easy program for doing digital scrapbooking is My Memories. AND since I am a designer at their store I can get you a discount on the software if you use this CODE:
to get the My Memories Software: CLICK HERE 
and use the code STMMMS60482 in the image above!

Lastly, I really would prefer that you get something in return for helping...BUT, 
if none of these options interest you because you don't scrapbook and you have no desire to do so,  but you still want to help Brady in some way, you can donate through your paypal account to mine by clicking on the "send money" tab at the top of your paypal account. Just be sure to click on the "send money to friends and family" option or paypal will take a portion of your donation as a fee. 
You can send a donation to
What ever option you choose to help, please know that we sincerely appreciate any and all help you are willing to provide. 
With your help we will have a chance for a renewed HOPE for a functional future for our son!

For all my loyal fans...even though it has been a very long time since you saw anything new from me...I have TWO new kits at the store that were previously only exclusive to the My Memories Store!

To get "Gone Fishing" CLICK HERE

To get "Think Spring" CLICK HERE

If you read the update that was posted HERE I want to say Thanks for  taking your time to read all of that, I know it was super long. It is not easy to share something so personal, and it is especially not easy to ask friends, and friends of friends for help, so thanks for taking your time to read our update on Brady! a GIANT THANK YOU from me, 
if you purchase the "Hope For Brady MEGA Bundle" OR the "Buy My Store" Deal from today on (does not apply to past purchases) will get a group discount of 25% automatically added to ALL of your future purchases FOREVER! 
IF you can afford to do so, Please consider one of those options. :-) 

If you can not afford to help, please don't even consider it. YOUR family comes first! But if you still want to help in some way... just help me get the word out about Brady's amazing success! 

Please log into your Facebook and share this post:
Stop by my blog for a back to school FREEBIE.PLEASE be sure to read this VERY PERSONAL update from me. I know it is...

Here is your freebie!

Dropbox LINK!

Plus...if you have any interest in the natural medicine, aromatherapy, and the wellness coaching things I am learning to help Brady, I have created a wellness blog. I try to post as I learn...but sometimes life gets in the way. You can sign up for the newsletter in the top right corner of that blog to get an e-mail when I do post. 

Come learn with me!!
Be sure to read this POST it tells all about my scrapping start, my scrapping friends, you guys! ;-), and how I created the 
4 Hope Health n Happiness Logo!!



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