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Hope For Brady FREEBIE from Me!

Hope For Brady FREEBIE from Me!
April is Autism awareness month.

On April 1st, we did the annual "Hope For Brady" Blog Train...if you missed that post...scroll down and collect all the pieces!
I am going to TRY to post a freebie each day in April to raise autism if you get tired of seeing this post repeated...I am sorry, hopefully you will have read it in it's entirety at least once, and thanks for stopping by!

A little update on Brady...
Now, those of you who know me know that everyday is autism awareness day in our house.

Unfortunately we know all too well what autism is.
Brady was diagnosed in March of 2010, in April of 2011 I started the Hope For Brady blog train to help him get his iPad, and the communication app Proloquo2go that he uses to communicate with EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Though we face many struggles daily as a family...we have learned so much in our search for answers and healing.
It is because of our son Brady...that we went on our search, and in the process we made all of our lives better. In that way his disability has been a blessing.

Because of Brady...we now know that the pesticides sprayed on our food (made by the same people who made agent orange, pesticides are NEUROTOXINS!) and GMO food is REALLY bad for us.
Did you know the people who made ROUND UP have genetically modified crop seeds to resist ROUND UP?? So the crops will grow, BUT NOTHING else will?? In case you don't know what Round Up is...if you spray it on something...NOTHING will grow in that spot for a LONG time. Oh...wait, except the FOOD WE EAT that they modified!! 
YEAH, do yourself a favor and Google "Monsanto"

For kids like Brady, who are sensitive to toxins in our environment, that is a HUGE deal.
So, now we try to eat only organic whole foods. But ESPECIALLY all dairy (when we eat dairy), all meat and the dirty dozen (look up the dirty dozen too ;-) ). We only eat organic fruits and veggies in season. If we can't get those things organic...we DON'T eat them. 
We no longer eat foods from a box or a can.
We also made other changes in our natural cleaning products, and personal care products like shampoos and such.
It is amazing what we didn't know before we discovered Brady's disability.
Is Brady healing? Slowly.
Every day is still a struggle...but there IS progress.
Brady used to hit himself, he does not do that anymore.
He echoes single words like "car" "help" "train" and "ice". He can usually tell us if he wants or does not want something by saying "yes" or "no". When we started the train he did not speak at all.

AND most importantly...the ONLY time he uses more then one word at a time is when he says "I rrrrur roo" which of course WE know is "I Love You"!!
Tear up...
Thankfully, Brady has never had to take any medications to stabilize his moods and behaviors.
All of his changes have come from changes we have made in his diet, and in his environment. It is HARD to make these changes...but it can be done.
We do it because we pray for the kind of change that will make it possible for us to KNOW our HEAR his thoughts. To restore all the hopes and dreams that every parent has for their children. We love him no matter what but of course we still pray that someday he will be able to have thoughts of his own that he can express. We pray that someday when we are gone that he will be able to take care of himself.
And dare to dream?? Have a job, a love, and a family of his own someday??
THEN, all of our hard work will be WORTH IT! 

NOW...on to why you are here...
The link will be at the VERY BOTTOM of this post.

A SPECIAL THANKS to the 2014 "Hope For Brady" Blog Train Participants

Before YOU GO...
The first year we did the blog train, a TON of designer friends of mine from all over the world got together and created a MEGA COLLAB kit!
This is the charity kit that earned Brady his iPad and communication app.
Now the proceeds from the MEGA COLLAB kit go to the Son Rise Program.
The Son Rise program has been instrumental in Brady's progress.
It was just one more piece of the Brady puzzle.

Our donations go to fund scholarships for other parents (like hubby and I once got) to go to the workshop and learn techniques to help their children recover.
It is our way to give a little back!

SO...if you want a HUGE kit to go with all your blog train goodies, and help out in the process, CHECK THIS OUT!!
Here is the previews to SOME of what you will get in the MEGA COLLAB!
There is a TON more not pictured...I promise you won't be disappointed!
AND remember...not all of the collab is autism themed...most of the papers and elements are just primary you can use the kit for ANY layout!

Here is my part, which is INCLUDED in the MEGA COLLAB

Then with my part of the collab, I made a BIG and MEGA bundle which are sold separately.

To get the MEGA COLLAB or any of the other parts you see here, CLICK HERE
Oh, and almost EVERYTHING else in the store 50% off RIGHT NOW!!

Again, HERE is your FREEBIE, 

I am going to TRY to post a freebie for you each day in April, so come back all month!


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