Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Sale 50% OFF!

Valentine Sale 50% OFF!

I know I have been missing in action for quite a while now...and I do miss my designing, and you all...but things in family life are a bit complicated right now. We are really trying hard to work more on Brady's recovery...good news in the last few months his "talking" has come a long way. We are now doing speech therapy 2 times a week, his ABA therapy 5 days a week, and at home we are working on his diet, aroma therapy, and doing his son rise therapy. We are also trying to minimize our toxin exposures by removing environmental factors that could be inhibiting his brain function. We have changed the way we eat, the way we clean...and many other things. It is amazing the amount of things in everyday life that can be harmful to us and most of us don't even know it!
If it were not for Brady...we never would have known or investigated how many things in our every day lives could be slowly poisoning us! 
There are ingredients used in cleaning products that the USA allows that places like the UK ban! Things that can cause harm in the UK are banned until they can be proven the USA it is backwards!! We keep harmful items on our shelves until "enough" people get hurt by them before we take action and remove the product from the market! 
How backwards is that???
Any hoo, I will get off my soap box for now and tell you why I am here...
I am going to put my store on sale 50% from now...indefinitely until I get a chance to get back to designing.
Great news for you huh??
Here is a freebie for you from my Valentine kit "Sprinkled With Love"!
(FREEBIE link at BOTTOM of post)

If you like that freebie why not pick up the whole "Sprinkled With Love" BIG Bundle, and then also don't forget to pick up the pre deco papers and the alpha bundle too!!!
I think this has to be one of my all time favorite kits...during the sale you can get ALL of the parts for only:
Big Bundle Reg 5.99 SALE $3.00
Pre Deco Papers: $1.00
Alphas: Reg $1.00 SALE $0.50
Get everything for only $4.50 WOW!
To go to the store now, CLICK HERE!

And is your FREEBIE!!


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