Monday, November 25, 2013

FREEBIE for you from Linda!

FREEBIE for you from Linda!
I know, I know…it's not Halloween anymore…BUT, because I have been so busy with "life" stuff I have not had a chance to get all these awesome freebies my team made for you to you on the blog. 
In case you missed my post from the other day about WHY I have been offline, and not putting anything new out lately...
On a personal note…and for my loyal fans who have been with me for a long time, I am truly sorry that I have been neglecting the blog. You see, I have been struggling with a decision lately. We went to see a new autism specific Dr. in October. He wants us to make several changes for Brady's overall well being, hopefully if we get rid of a lot of his barriers to learning he will start to talk more.  One of the changes has to do with Brady's diet, AND about not only what we feed him but also how and what we cook and store our food in. The changes we are looking at implementing…in addition to already being gluten free (since last January), and eating mostly organic, will require a lot more cooking and meal planning on my part. We are thinking of putting Brady on a specific carb diet, AKA SCD diet. With the extra meal planning comes internet research into recipes. Thank God for the internet because there are already so many people out there who have already done the hard work "experimenting" with foods, and have placed their successes on the internet to share! 
SO…what does this mean for us, and my designing? Well…I have struggled with:
Do I give it up all together to focus on Brady's Son Rise program, and his meal planning?
While this would probably be best for BRADY…it would mean no ME time at all…and seeing as how scrapping is MY therapy…it keeps ME sane (LOL) …I realize I need keep a little something for myself.
SO…here is what I am thinking...I might put out only 1 kit every couple of months. It might get better after I have had more practice doing the new way of cooking everything. But for now I feel I need to focus on healing Brady from the inside out. I hope ya all are willing to keep checking in on me from time to time…and not forget about me or my team.
In the mean time…if you…my fans have made any goodies with my kits that you would like to share with "our" fans, I would be willing to post them on my blog and include them in the CT bonus packs I give out free when people buy my MEGA bundles!! Just send me and e mail…with any goodies you have made and we can all share! :-) I am hoping this is one way to keep you all engaged, keep you excited and involved…between the lulls in kits, and get more freebie to boot!! ;-)

Here is a cute little frame that Linda made for you with Ghosts and Goblins!!
This FREEBIE was made for you using
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The discount is only available until I get the bundles done, which I am hoping to finish up this weekend!!
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Again, Here is your FREEBIE!
For Personal Use ONLY Please!


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Very cute cluster frame. Thank you. -Marie

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