Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sorry I was gone for a bit….

I am sorry that I have been MIA lately…with summer coming to an end…and trying to spend time with the little ones before they head back to school, I have been very busy. I hope you have not missed me (or my freebies) too badly. Piper heads back to school on Tuesday, Hayden back to pre school on Thursday…and we made the very difficult decision to pull Brady OUT of public school and have him at the Autism center full time. We just don't feel like he is ready for kindergarden yet…and the "officials" said it was time because he is chronologically getting too old for pre school. :-(

But I DO have some exciting things to tell you…first, I got my business cards!! 
AND YOU get a discount on all my products when your purchase reaches either $10 or $20!! Check it out!!
But remember you must have at least $10 or $20 (depending on which code you are using) worth of 4 My Babies Scraps products in your cart for the codes to work. The code will NOT apply to other designers products.
AND here are some things I am working on…
"Don't Feed The Animals"
"Ghosts and Goblins"
"Haunted Hayride"
"Fall Is In The Air"
Whatcha think??

Update, 9/3/13 OH…..I forgot…
"Apple Crisp"


Unknown said...

You'd think "officials" would KNOW that age does not factor into autism. :( I can't wait for the world to get a better understanding! My opinion? I LOVE THE COLORS! Can't wait to see!!

Stacey said...

Glad to have you back! I do hope everything works out for Brady! I can't wait for the Halloween kits!! I absolutely love Halloween! i'm so excited for fall and being in double digits instead of triples!!

4 My Babies Scraps said...

Thanks for the support Kyla and Stacey! I am thrilled to see I have supporters and people who visit and comment even when there is not the draw of a freebie. :-) I think that is a sure sign of a true follower!! The comments really do mean a lot to me, and I look forward to reading the comments you leave!! HUGS!! Michelle!!

qthunder said...

i think Haunted Hayride and Apple Crisp are my two favorites. Very hard to choose, all the palettes look great :)

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