Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Here Comes The Bride" FREEBIE

 I have had MANY
 customer requests to bring
back my wedding kit
 "Here Comes The Bride".

So for the month
of June it's all
about the Bride!

"Here Comes The Bride"
so lets take this in
steps . . .
first comes . . .

The black background is not a part of the freebie

Did you get the BONUS pack last Friday?
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"Here Comes the Bride"
is in for its final fitting
and will be released
with lots of new STUFF!!

Again, here is your Freebie

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Mom2mykids said...

Thanks! I'm sure this will be beautiful. I do have a question about the newsletter though. It says I'm a subscriber but I have never received a Friday newsletter, or any newsletter than I can find in my email :( ... I thought maybe the subscription didn't work, but when I tried to resubscribe I got the message that I was already a subscriber. I'm confused! Thanks for any help!!

Stacey said...

thanks for the beautiful word art! looking forward to your re-release!

4 My Babies Scraps said...

I will check into it for you, and see what I can do. Can you PM me your e mail address to

Crystalnva said...

Luv it THANK YOU ;~}

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