Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Friday- Cyber Monday SALE!

Black Friday- Cyber Monday SALE!

With the AWESOME response I have had from
this sale I have had a VERY BUSY weekend, I 
am SUPER tired and I will likely go to bed 
before midnight.

Lucky for you that means I 
won't be able to turn off the sale until 
tomorrow when I get up…AND my sweet 
hubby is going to let me sleep in!!! Lucky 
ME, Lucky YOU!!! You get more time to pick 
up the deal!!
I don't do this very often…I think the last time was Black Friday last year…so take advantage!!

This year you have TWO options!!
For my newest followers...

For my fans who have been with me for a while and already did the BUY MY STORE sale last year...

To get the $10 deal: CLICK HERE


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