Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Limited Offer to the next 5 people who respond to this post.
ONLY ONE More offer left!!
 I have something I want to get for helping me design the kit I am working on for you guys. I don't usually use any CU stuff in my kits, I draw almost everything I make for you by hand, but a CU designer I know is willing to help me out a bit so I can get a few things I would like to use for my new "Costume Party" Kit. BUT I need your help!! So the next 5 people who Buy My Store will also get the Costume Party Kit and ALL the goodies in the BIG bundle that will coordinate with that kit when it releases! 
These are just a FEW pieces from the kit
there will be tons more!!
This kit will be amazing!!
Here is a SNEAK PEEK at that kit!!


Anonymous said...

This looks like it's going to be a super kit. What do you need help with?

4 My Babies Scraps said...

Well, I want to buy a friends, who is a CU designers, store so that I can use a few things she has for this kit. I thought I would run a buy my store sale to raise the funds so I could buy her store….he he he! I need 5 people to buy my store and then I can buy her store. :o) I don't use very many CU things in my kits. I have always hand drawn most of the things in my kits….but the sale is pretty good and I can use things here and there for kits in the future.

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